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Fall Events

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Fall 2018 Events

Milstein Program Student Welcome Dinner
September 5
Guy Nearing Summer House | Cornell Botanic Gardens

Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity Orientation & Team-Building
September 8
Hoffman Challenge Course

Milstein Program Students attend A Meditation on Tongues by Ni’Ja Whitson and "Talk Back" with the artist
September 14
Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, Flexible Theatre

Milstein Program Students “Talk Back” with the Artist Xu Bing: The Character of Characters Exhibition 
September 26
Tatkon Center

How Not to Be Evil: Tech-workers Against Racism, Sexism and Surveillance.” with Moira Weigel
Octoberr 24
Tatkon Center

"Creepy or Not? Holding Big Tech Accountable Through Journalism"
with Natasha Singer
October 29
Tatkon Center

"&: On the Proliferation of New Media”
with Amy Villarejo
November 5,
Goldwin Smith Hall, Lewis Auditorium

"Studying Vermeer's Canvases and Rembrandt's Papers:
Two Examples of Computational Art History

with Charles R. Johnson
November 9,
A.D. White House