Milstein student at public speaking workshop


Design thinking workshop

Milstein Program Orientation Seminar

Milstein Program incoming freshman are assigned to the Milstien Program Orientation Seminar. This one credit orientation is designed to:

  • Support team development and learning
  • Create a sense of belonging and a meaningful connection to their faculty advisors
  • Help students understand the value of liberal arts
  • Provide a forum for special events and speakers

Milstein Program Collab

All second term freshman are automatically enrolled in the two-credit Collab course. Sophomores and juniors are enrolled in the three-credit Collab course.

The goals of the Collab course are:

  • To establish a structure for students to engage in serious academic pursuits together as a group 
  • To teach students how to communicate ideas clearly orally, in writing, and in media
  • To support collaboration and team-building skill development
  • To encourage engagement in communities outside the classroom
  • To learn to think conceptually across disciplines
  • The Collab brings Milstein Program students into contact with a range of dynamic thinkers, artists, and community partners in order to prepare them for their two summers of residency in New York at Cornell Tech.  
Ice Breaker Activity

Other Milstein Program Courses

This class examines current aural technologies of writing:  podcasts, audiobooks, site-specific headphone theater. This course will focus on the challenges and opportunities of the present—making recordings along the way—from the point of view of the technologies' long history. 

The course evaluates the politics of technology including topics such as drones, artificial intelligence, and cyber

Suggested courses (to be taken before the first summer program at Cornell Tech)

Milstein Program participants are advised to take courses to prepare them for their upcoming summer sessions at Cornell Tech.
o    Data analysis
o    Functional programming
o    Statistics