Public speaking workshop with Eliza VanCort


design thinking workshop


The MStudio includes a speaker series, dynamic workshops (on public speaking, data visualization, leadership skills, design thinking, etc.) and cross-cohort collaborations. 

The goal of the MStudio is:

  • To establish a structure for students to engage in serious academic pursuits together as a group

  • To support collaboration and team-building skill development

  • To encourage engagement in communities outside the classroom

  • To learn to think conceptually across disciplines

  • To bring them into contact with a range of dynamic thinkers, artists, and community partners in order to prepare them for their summer residency in New York at Cornell Tech


Student inspects map of Ithaca

Other Milstein Program Courses

Photography/Image Analysis/Graphic Design is a hands-on course devoted to the practical understanding of conception, production, and innovation in the photographic image world. Each unit of the course confronts a fundamental problem of contemporary photographic communication—quality of light, framing, series, post-production, publication design, to name a few example topics—from practical, theoretical, and historical perspectives. The goal of the course is to enrich students' understanding of how to make images that solve practical social and scholarly problems in an impactful, immediate, and public way.

  • Gramophone, Radio, Podcast: Sound Recording as a Medium for Writing with Jeremy Braddock, Associate Professor, English

    This class examines current aural technologies of writing: podcasts, audiobooks, site-specific headphones theater. This course will focus on the challenges and opportunities of the present - making recordings along the way - from the point of view of the technologies' long history. 

  • The Politics of Technology with Sarah Kreps, Professor, Government

    This course evaluates the politics of technology including topics such as drones, artificial intelligence, and cyber. 

  • Data Science and Society Lab with Malte Ziewitz, Assistant Professor, Science & Technology Studies

    The next generation of thinkers will need a firm grasp on the practices and values implicated in designing and using data science tools. The class will sensitize students from the social sciences, humanities, and STEM to the complexities of data science as both a social and a technical project.

Suggested Courses

Scholars take two elective courses from among this approved list, including two Milstein Faculty Fellow seminars. These courses study the social, cultural, economic, environmental, physical and psychological impact of technology and/or explore concepts of design thinking, research methods, and community engaged project work. 

  • Electives may be taken at any time during the Milstein Program
  • Students may petition to include other courses outside the approved list

Suggested Extracurricular activities and Clubs

We encourage Milstein Program Scholars to participate in many extracurricular activities and clubs. This can often be where Milstein Program students will find projects they can join or adapt for their junior year projects.