Milstein Students at Public Speaker Workshop


Welcome Event Get-to-know-you exercise

In Focus Speaker Series

The Milstein Program "In Focus" Speaker Series features industry leaders talking about the pivots and turns they have faced in their careers, the time between college and their first big breakthroughs, and the pathway that led to where they are now. 

Future You Speaker Series

The Milstein Program "Future You" Speaker Series features current Cornell students and alumni who have launched projects and careers at the nexus of technology and the humanities.

Ice Breaker Activity

Suggested Courses

Scholars take two elective courses from among this approved list, including two Milstein Faculty Fellow seminars. These courses study the social, cultural, economic, environmental, physical and psychological impact of technology. 

  • Electives may be taken at any time during the Milstein Program
  • Students may petition to include other courses outside the approved list

Suggested Extracurriculars and Clubs

We encourage Milstein Program Scholars to participate in many extracurricular activities and clubs. This can often be where Milstein Program students will find projects they can join or adapt for their junior year projects.