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Nicole Mah

Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity Class of 2024

Educational Background

German Swiss Intl School, The Peak


Hometown: Hong Kong, HKG

Major: China & Asia Pacific Studies

I have always had strong interests in multifaceted subjects. But through the Milstein Program, I am excited to take a holistic approach to my education. I would love to integrate STEM-related disciplines with the humanities to think more deeply about historical and contemporary social issues, and to use the skills and knowledge I will learn to help those in need. As a Singaporean Chinese international student born and raised in Hong Kong and attending school in the United States, I am particularly interested in China’s history, politics, economy, society, and foreign relations (especially with the United States). I am also eager to delve into studies of economic and social inequality, both of which are so deeply rooted in many societies, but particularly in my hometown of Hong Kong. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family, being involved in athletics, watching cat and food videos, eating good food, and cracking puns


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