Milstein Program Application - Current First-year Students

Application Terms

I understand that the Milstein Program Selection Committee will review my undergraduate application materials (my common application, high school transcript, Advanced Placement exam scores, and SAT/ACT scores) and first semester grades as a part of the selection process. By entering my name below, I am authorizing the Milstein Program Selection Committee to review my undergraduate application materials and my unofficial transcript reflecting my first semester grades.


Entering your name in this box authorizes the selection committee to pull your Cornell application materials and first semester transcript for review by the selection committee.
Are you a leader? Do you think outside the box? Do you have an interest in combining music with computer science or design with philosophy? Do you care about the impact that algorithms can have on social opportunity, or whether self-driving cars will be a boon or a bane for society twenty years from now? If so, then the Milstein Program may be for you. Please submit a brief statement telling us why you would like to join the Milstein Program? (Max 200 words)

Video Submission

Please submit a short video (2 mins max, shorter is fine) answering the following question. We're looking for passion, maturity, and original thinking.

The Milstein Program fosters creativity, collaboration, and student-driven projects that invoke technology with a social, civic, or human impact. Tell us about a project you have worked on or would like to undertake. What is it? Why does it matter to you?

NOTE: Please ensure that your video file is named using the following convention: firstname.lastnameYEAR

Applications received without a video submission will not be considered.

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