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Milstein Program Location:

Rockefeller Hall, rooms 123 and 125

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Phone: (607) 255-3851 or (607) 255-1026


Office Hours:

Program Contacts:

Austin Bunn, Program Director

Austin Bunn


Schwartz Center, 429

Maja Anderson, Program Manager Maja Anderson Program Manager

123 Rockefeller Hall

Andrew Moisey

Andrew Moisey

Faculty Fellow

Goldwin Smith

Malte Ziewitz
Malte Ziewitz Faculty Fellow

Morrill Hall, Room 313

Amanda Domingues
Amanda Domingues Teaching Assistant
Jenna Fields Student Assistant
Meredith Hu
Meredith Hu  Student Assistant
Abena Gyasi Student Assistant
Minyoung (Tucker) Hwang Student Assistant
Dumebi Obi


Chukwudumebi (Joshua) Obi

Student Assistant
Elizabeth Ominsky Student Assistant
Jenn Reed
Jennifer Reed Student Assistant
Victoria Smith
Victoria (V) Smith Student Assistant