Core Courses

AS 1102: First-Year Advising Seminar

All first-year Milstein students are enrolled in AS 1102 in the Fall, a small and close-knit advising seminar with 10 students, taught by either the Milstein Program Faculty Director, or a Milstein Program Faculty Fellow. 

AS 1111: Milstein First-Year Project

The Milstein First-year Project is offered each spring. In this highly collaborative course, students work in small teams to research, design, produce, and revise interdisciplinary projects in a variety of fields (advocacy, education, arts, etc.) for a range of constituents – campus stakeholders, local non-profits, even the Milstein Program itself. The intention of this course is to draw the Milstein Program first year cohort together through shared effort and collective experience towards a common goal. This course is required for Milstein scholars.

AS 3113: Milstein Studio

The Milstein Studio, or "MStudio," course is a 1 credit required course for first-years and sophomores. The course includes a series of public talks and dynamic workshops throughout the year. Milstein scholars are required to attend all public MStudio events (with the option to make up one absense with the use of a "scouting report"). Skill Sessions are optional. This course is required for Milstein scholars.

Sophomore Electives

In their Sophomore year, Milstein Program scholars are encouraged to choose from a curated list of interdisciplinary courses at the intersection of technology and the humanities. 

AS 3200: Junior Project

In their Junior year, Milstein scholars are encouraged to undertake a year-long original project, whether an independent study of their own design, assisting in research in a lab, or a project with a local community partner. Milstein scholars present their research at the end of their Junior year at the annual Expo.

Current Junior Projects