Problem Statement

Visually impaired individuals need affordable, accessible options for learning Braille because the process is strenuous, teaching staff are underfunded, and no low-cost learning devices exist.  

Braillewear Hardware Development
Braillewear Hardware Development


90% of the visually impaired can not read Braille but Braille literacy is essential for education and employment.  

Through several interviews I learned:

  • Individuals find learning Braille to be astrenuous and dependent process
  • Educational institutions can’t afford sufficientBraille teaching staff
  • No low-cost, independent Braille learningdevices exist


Research Focus

Sideview of BrailleWear
Sideview of BrailleWear


BrailleWear is an intuitive and independent Braille learning device.  This wearable, glove-like tool can translate Braille to speech in real-time.  The oblique light of the device causes shadows to form from the Braille, making it more readable for the camera.  

Users can correlate speech translation with the Braille felt pattern.  

Next Steps

June 2022

  • Continue in-house development +
  • Do limited field testing


July 2022

  • Work with engineering-design agency & outsourced software developers to build manufacturing-ready prototype 
  • Perform extensive field testing


Dec 2022

  • Apply to YCombinator/Techstarts
  • Start Mass Production


Jan 2023

  • Complete $500,000 in pre-sales or sales revenue


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