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Recyclops: Recycling, Composting and Sustainability at Cornell

Students in this project work with Community Partner, the Temple of Zeus cafe, to first define the issues surrounding why Cornell campus has struggled with waste management/sustainability on campus and to ultimately increase awareness for environmentally sustainable practices. Students in the project will gather data on initiatives that promote long-term sustainability  practices to reduce plastic waste within on-campus food services and explore ideas to help with these efforts such as a mobile app. This team will also work on developing social media to implement campus-wide awareness using various media. One goal of this project may be to redesign recycling practices such as information posters and bin layouts. Team members may work on developing digital medial assets for an awareness campaign, design physical layouts of receptacles, and create a mobile app leverage social media to reward behavior.

Ishika Agrawal
Jacob Levy
Wyatt Marshall
Diego Rincón
Daniel Rosen
Victoria Smith
Sofiya Tsenter
Mike Tyrrell