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Student business rapStudy uses pop music to increase learning

Singer Ariana Grande probably never imagined that her song “7 Rings” might one day be used to help middle-schoolers learn about the electoral college. But that’s just what it’s doing in the hands of two Cornell students, Cosimo Fabrizio ‘22 and Drew Speckman ‘21, co-founders of rapStudy, which pairs popular song melodies with lyrics meant to help elementary and middle schoolers learn about everything from civics to the scientific method.

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Ever wondered how big data can be used to curb childhood-obesity? Do you want to use super-computers to decipher ancient texts? Are you looking for an opportunity to be at the nexus of technology and humanity?

The Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity models integrative, interdisciplinary learning by combining a superb liberal arts education in Cornell's College of Arts & Sciences with cutting-edge programs and courses for undergraduates at Cornell Tech in New York City on Roosevelt Island.

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People dont necessarily believe misinformation about COVID-19, but they dont necessarily believe valid information about the pandemic either, writes Sarah Kreps, professor of government and faculty fellow in the Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity, and Douglas Kriner, the Clinton Rossiter Professor in American Institutions, in an op-ed in Scientific American. Read the entire op-ed here