Big Red Hikes & Bikes

Problem Statement

Outdoorsy Cornellians and athletes need tools to explore local area/training areas, connect with those who pursue similar goals and out­door interests, and improve data collection because current options are limited.  

Wireframe For App Prototype
Wireframe For App Prototype


Katherine enjoys hiking, and has made some amazing memories exploring the local scenery in Ithaca with friends. However, she does not get to go as often as she would like, since she does not have a car. Also, only a few of her friends enjoy hiking, so she would like to connect with other Cornellians who she might go with.

Mike is a cyclist and he sees a large desire within the cycling community to im­prove their training through data, track their rides and metrics, and increase the data they collect, spanning even to things like heart rate during the day and sleep. However, current training plans either only rely on a small amount of data or are cost-prohibitive and controversial. He desires a solution that would take metrics from Strava/Garmin, analyze trends and correlates, and de­termine the types of rides/runs and training schedule athletes should be pur­suing to meet their goals. The idea is to create a training plan based on track­ing previous runs/rides and seeing what helps athletes improve the most.

Katherine Hiking and Mike Cycling
Katherine and Mike enjoy local hiking and cycling

Future Work

Examples of Digital Watch Interfaces for Big Red Hikes & Bikes
Examples of Digital Watch Interfaces for Big Red Hikes & Bikes

Next Steps

In the future, we plan to implement our designs as an app compatible with iPhones and Androids. Our ultimate goal would be bringing our app to athletic watches, primarily the Apple watch (a popular item among beginners) and the Garmin watch (tech for more advanced users).

We also hope to collaborate further with COE, and introduce Cornell-specific social media features.


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