Program Pathway

The Milstein Program Experience

The Milstein Program enriches all four years of the Arts & Sciences undergraduate experience -- from the First Year Project (Spring, first year) to the residency at Cornell Tech (summer after first year) to the culminating Milstein Expo (Junior year spring) and mentorship and career exploration (Senior year). The Program has three objectives: 

  • expose Milstein Scholars to leading researchers, thinkers, artists and entrepreneurs via the MStudio
  • cultivate interdisciplinary thinking and research and collaboration skills through short courses, workshops, special funding opportunities, and student-driven original projects
  • build a strong, supportive cohort of fellow Scholars excited to think, make, and work at the intersection of technology and the humanities.
Milstein pathway diagram

Program Curriculum

FIRST YEAR  Fall/Spring

Advising Seminar (AS 1102): This eight-session course is specially designed for first-year Milstein Scholars, with special guests and unique activities. Required. This course is offered in the fall. 1 Credit.

First-year Project (AS 1111): Students work in small teams to research, design, produce, and revise interdisciplinary projects in a variety of fields (advocacy, education, arts, etc.) for a range of constituents – campus stakeholders, local non-profits, even the Milstein Program itself. Required. This course is offered in the spring. 2 Credits. 


This eight-week, fully-supported, in-residence program encourages students to reflect collectively upon the political, social and economic implications of technology, to respond critically and creatively through emergent forms of interactive media, and to prototype new artifacts using the latest digital fabrication technologies. The program is also interleaved with experiential outings, connecting students to the vibrant life and fabric of New York City, including visits to cultural institutions and working with local groups on Roosevelt Island. Optional. 2 Credits.

Summer Program at Cornell Tech


Milstein Scholars take one course from a list of approved courses that study the social, cultural, economic, environmental, physical and psychological impact of technology and/or explore concepts of design thinking, research methods, and community engaged project work. This course selection should align with each scholar's area of interest. Required. 3-4 Credits. (Students may petition to add a relevant course to satisfy this requirement.)

Sophomore Courses offered in 2022-23


The Junior Project (AS 3200): Milstein Scholars undertake a year-long, independent study to deepen their understanding of the issues, topics, and technologies that interest them. What form these projects take -- research essay, video art, app development, etc. -- is up to the Scholar and their collaborators. Working with a faculty mentor in the field, juniors define and scope their projects in the fall and execute in the spring semester. This course culminates with the Milstein Expo in May. Required. Credit: Fall – 1 credit; Spring: 3-4 independent study credits 

Junior Projects 


Scholars become mentors through three commitments: serve as guests in the First Year Advising Seminar and the Junior Project course; design a public panel on summer internships; participate in an M Studio event to reflect on the outcomes of their Junior Summer Research Fellowships. 


MStudio (3113): MStudio brings world-class speakers, faculty innovators, leading industry voices, and extraordinary Cornell alums to campus for public talks and conversations on tech and humanities as well as special immersive skills-based "short courses". Required for first-years and sophomores. Optional for juniors and seniors. Fall/Spring: 1 credit.

Past MStudio Speakers  


Junior Summer Research Project: Scholars who have successfully completed a Junior Project have the opportunity to apply for summer funding -- to extend and deepen their Junior Project research -- up to $7,000.

"Shadow Grant"/Externships": Scholars in their Junior year (and fall of Senior year) each receive $1,500 to "shadow" a working professional in a field of interest for a short amount of time. These professionals may come from the Cornell alumni network. These grants are intended for use during the January break, spring break, or summer of the Junior year, or fall break/winter break of their Senior year.


Suggested Clubs

We encourage Milstein Program Scholars to participate in many extracurricular activities and clubs. This can often be where Milstein Program students will find projects they can join or adapt for their junior year projects.