Suggested Extracurriculars and Clubs

Cornell University Research Board (CURB)

The Cornell Undergraduate Research Board (CURB) seeks to enhance the Cornell undergraduate experience by promoting and enriching undergraduate research on campus. CURB is committed to fostering academic excellence through undergraduate interaction at events that bring student endeavors to the forefront of the Cornell community's attention. There's no typical undergraduate experience, and furthermore, there is no typical undergraduate research experience. CURB's mission is to help undergraduates with a nascent desire for research to find their niche at Cornell; a process that we hope aids them in defining themselves and their dreams for the future.

Cornell Tech Policy Lab

At the Cornell Tech Policy Lab, we focus on the politics of technology to examine how politics shapes the deployment of new technologies in ways that directly affect the lives of millions in the United States and around the globe.

Some of the most consequential developments of the last two decades sit squarely at the intersection of technology and politics.

Cornell AppDev

At AppDev, our 50 members take on various roles surrounding product development, beginning with an initial product vision and design, through engineering development, consistent iteration, and ultimately bringing a functional product to market. Our collaboration leads to stunning products that solve real problems for members of the Cornell and greater Ithaca community.

To encourage others who share a similar passion, we also teach introductory courses every semester in app development. AppDev was the first to pioneer student-led courses at Cornell and now over 300 students enroll our courses every semester. Check out our apps

Cornell Public Service Center (PSC)

Cornell's Public Service Center provides local and national public service opportunities to Cornell students, faculty, and alumni. The Public Service Center offers students volunteer, service-learning, community service, and student leadership opportunities through a variety of programs. There are many ways to serve.

Cornell Certificate in Engaged Leadership

Lead with a public purpose. Pursuing our community-engaged leadership programs will challenge you to bring about the world you wish to see — now and throughout your life.

You’ll build on your interests and apply your experiences (from courses to extracurricular activities) to our program to develop the skills you need to be a community-engaged leader. Group and Individual Certificate programs.

Cornell Rural Humanities "Dark Laboratory"

Dark Laboratory’s philosophy is to assert survivance of communities—human and non-human animals, plant life, microorganisms—in relation to nature. Through immersive technology (VR, AR, sound design, films, video games) we are bringing the symbiotic histories of Black and Indigenous coalition to the surface in order to build future worlds of co-production and co-existence in the face of ongoing conquest. 

XR Collaboratory (XRC)

The XR Collaboratory works with faculty, researchers and students from computer vision, computer graphics, and human-computer interaction, as well as practitioners in application areas such as healthcare, education, and architecture.

Woman in Computing at Cornell (WICC)

Women in Computing at Cornell strives to make computing inclusive for all. We aim to foster a supportive community of women* and allies equipped with the resources needed to recognize and overcome challenges. By creating opportunities for technical and leadership growth, we work to ensure that people of all identities are able to discover and pursue their interests and talents in order to positively impact the future of tech. 

Entrepreneurship at Cornell

The gateway to everything entrepreneurial at Cornell University. 

Entrepreneurship at Cornell is a diverse, university-wide program that finds and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in participants from every college, every field, and in every stage of life. We are grounded in the belief that individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and have acquired entrepreneurial knowledge can add significant value to any working environment from the smallest startup to the largest business, from non-profits to government agencies. Also check out the list of student clubs & organizations.

CIS Clubs and Organizations

Engaged learning beyond the classroom CIS students enhance their educational experiences by engaging broadly through student-led clubs and organizations.

These clubs & organizations provide the opportunity for students to develop technical and leadership skills, find and provide mentorship, and foster relationships with potential employers.

Engineering World Health

Cornell Engineering World Health (EWH) project team designs, constructs, and implements health solutions for underprivileged communities. Cornell EWH provides the ideal platform for students to develop both professionally and personally and deeply engage with the world around them. Although the members carry diverse academic interests and personal experiences, the multi-disciplinary team unites under the common goal of transforming the world through health technologies and welfare initiatives. Since its origin, Cornell EWH continues to delve into global challenges and turn ideas into reality.


Each year TEDxCornell organizes a TEDx event operated under an official license from TED. Our goal is to bring a intellectual platform to Cornell unlike any other. TEDxCornell strives to provide a unique platform at Cornell through which top speakers and performers can teach, inspire, and entertain the Cornell community.


Hack4Impact empowers engineers, designers, activists, and humanitarians to create lasting and impactful social change, fostering the wider adoption of software as a tool for social good.


A hackathon celebrates "hacking" in its most positive context — using minimal resources and maximum brain power to create outside-the-box solutions ("hacks"). Our hackathons utilize the skills of students from all the degrees, majors, and programs to form diverse teams and create solutions, products, or services in a constrained amount of time.


Cornell Design & Tech Initiatives (DTI)

Cornell Design & Tech Initiatives (DTI), is an engineering and design team creating technology for community Impact. We are dedicated to more than just software development. We solve real problems around us to make our community better, while fostering our personal growth to teach others from our experience.