Sonje Ayiti - Haiti Project

Working with Community Partners Sonje Ayiti and Klere Timoun in Haiti, and  Neighbor to Neighbor in Tompkins county students in this project create videos and other digital assets to teach students at the Light on the Children of Cima school in Haiti basic computer skills. The project team eventually hopes to hold a series of ZOOM classes. Students ihave been developing video courses on basic computer skills that are translated into Hatiian Creole so students have customized instruction. The goal of the project is to develop a remote mentorship / tutoring program and develop connections between the students at Cima and the students in the Milstein Program. The team is currently working on creating a website to house the instructional materials. and eventual be the launching pad for video chats. 

Eventually, the community partner would like to stage some “virtual events” where our students can  meet the students at the school. This will involve devising a way to get generators, and mobile units up to the rural village in order to do the  ZOOM or Skype meeting. Students in this project will help with resourcing and planning the mobile unit. Students may also work with community partners to design a presentation using video footage sent from the students in Haiti, and edit audio and video segments. This project could include helping students make eBooks, website pages, using footage and images sent by the students to tell their personal stories. Read this article to learn more about the project!



  • Chloe Kanders
  • Bliss Zheng
  • Dana Gonzalez-Almanzar
  • Jennifer Reed
  • Tavo Duarte