Project Problem Statement

The Indian population needs to have greater attention put on their specific consumer needs
because currently a majority of investments are targeted at needs of the developed nation

Milstein Junior Project Map -- Aabix

As an Indian resident studying in the US, I have always been bothered by the fact that a large part of my education has been focused on the specific circumstances of the US market and industries. I want to take this opportunity through the Milstein program to focus a part of my education on the Indian market. I want to conduct extensive research in order to identify and emerging unmet need in the Indian market.

What is a unique, emerging need in India that can be met through additional investment in the area?  A disproportionately higher amount of money is invested to solve problems faced by developed countries vs those faced by developing countries such as India. For instance, Malaria has been killing hundreds of thousands of individuals per year for the past several years but since it mainly impacts developing countries the progress towards a vaccine has been slow.  There is an obvious comparison worth making to the development of the COVID vaccine. 

Indian Trade Organizations, Industry Experts/Researchers and Small Businesses in India. Since I recently made this project pivot I haven’t had the opportunity to have any substantial engagements with these partners. However, I do have pre-existing relationships and past dialogue beyond the scope of this project that I hope to continue further for this project.

Project Goals:

1) To identify a ranked set of three emerging opportunities within the Indian market.
2) To create a plan on how that opportunity can be acted upon including thought around the
resources needed
3) To have a general idea of how feasible it would be to execute the plan


  • Kushagra Jain