Current Junior Projects

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Website design for Relearn, a Junior Project by Ryan Tremblay


The Junior Project is a year-long, independent study that each junior undertakes to explore the issues, topics, and technologies that interest them. What form these projects take -- research, an experiment, art, app development, etc. -- is up to the student. Juniors define and scope their projects in the fall sessions and execute their projects in the spring.  These projects are collaborative in nature with students partnering with local non-profits, other institutions and/or student or community groups. Each spring, Juniors present their projects at the Milstein Expo at the end of their junior year. 

Non-coder Hackathon     Tori DiStefano
Haudenosaunee Art Virtual Museum   Rayna Klugherz
Data Capitalism Research      Hal Reed
Asian Women's Concerns Research      Keyi Ding
Fashion / Closet Project     Meredith Hu & Yue Ji
Pompeii Project   Erika Katsumoto
ReLearn App     Ryan Trembley
Aabix     Kushagra Jain
CardioVigi Tori Distefano
Social Media Platform for Tenants     Geoff Brann
Pavvilion App Ishika Argrawal & Noah Watson
Vegan Project     Aviva Nunoz, Jenna Fields & Daniel Rosen
Redesigned Museum     Elizabeth Ominski
Ithaca Murals     Dumebi Obi & Amanda Mihovilovic
Community Building & Redesigning Milstein Spaces     Victoria Smith
Ethical Healthcare Literature Review     Annie Rogers
Big Red Trails / Cycling App     Mike Tyrrell & Katherine Vella

Past Junior Projects