Relearn App

Project Overview

Problem Statement

ReLearn App makes it easier for students to learn better and more socially by working with their classmates.

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500 ReLearn v1 pilot users proved there was demand for a solution to academic and social stress. This semester we worked to perfect that solution.

Mobile Screenshots of ReLearn App
Mobile Screenshots of ReLearn App

Research Focus

Objectives and Methods

  1. Understand the problem: Interview students, professors. Run Symposium focus group.
  2. Build ReLearn Cards: Design and build new web app and novel shared knowledge base based on our design research.
  3. Test and Iterate Cards: via workshops w/Professor Gallagher, UX interviews, and small tests.
  4. Run Larger Pilots: Partner with Cornell Strategic Consulting to run class pilot tests.
  5. Organic Usage Data: Table across campus and interpret analytics and interview feedback.


  • 20 hrs Interviews
  • 1000 Students
  • 6 Pilot Classes
  • 2 Workshops
  • 1 New App

What Worked

People loved joining via course code instead of invites, posting funny cards, an inclusive text chat, support for STEM notation.

Bootstrapping / Chicken & Egg

We thought people would want to contribute partially to improve the resource for their own consumption and partially for reputation benefits (points/notoriety among peers). These incentives don’t work until people join.


When there is little preexisting knowledge of the app it can be difficult for members to convince others to join.

Speaking Up

People avoid posting questions and suggesting study times because of perceived social risk.

Next Steps


Can we give people value for their notes that doesn’t immediately require other people? We’re considering Natural Language Processing-powered true/false quizzes based on your notes (e.g., “Prokaryotic cells don’t have Mitochondria” T/F)

Sharing Problem

 Could we give people more reasons to share the app with others? People like to share more than just notes. We’re considering the ability to share, upvote, and downvote arbitrary study resources (e.g., Quizlet decks, websites, textbook PDFs, images/memes)

The Speaker Problem

We’re considering an “incognito” mode for posting chats, cards, questions, and prompts to create a “no stupid questions” atmosphere. We are also considering ways to spur more study sessions via automation.