Meredith Hu

Hometown: New  York, NY

Majors: Computer Science

Activities and Societies: Chorale, CSA, ACSU

Hi, my name is Meredith. I'm a rising junior interested in computer science, math, classics, and Chinese culture, and anything that unites any of these fields. I discovered coding in a class I took in high school and ever since, I've enjoyed working on apps and projects that help me organize my own life. I also really like Classics. I love Latin translation and I find it to be fun and puzzle-like. I study Classics and Chinese history because I think it's really important to understand the past so that you gain the "global context" for interpreting real history you're living in.
I wanted to join Milstein because I wanted to find people and resources who could help me learn more about these interests, and even about how to integrate my interests together. I want to and I think I can direct my efforts and skills into something that will improve people's lives, in a way that only I would be able to, and I am grateful I get to participate in the Milstein Program while I'm on that journey.