Development of Neighbor to Neighbor

Project Overview

How might we reimagine the work of Neighbor to Neighbor  post Covid, to revitalize the volunteer base, and design how the organization can increase awareness of the program and the issues?

Truck filled with furniture
Neighbor to Neighbor truck filled with items to go to family moving into a new apartment

The Project

This project works with Neighbor to Neighbor, a volunteer-run organization in Ithaca and a project of the Center for Transformative Action at Cornell that collects and delivers gently-used beds and other furniture from people who don’t need them any longer to those that do.

As a long-term project of the Milstein Program, each iteration of this project has focused on different goals. This semester students are working collaboratively with the organization to brainstorm a digital storytelling project to tell the stories of several of the objects the organization redistributed from one neighbor to another, to highlight the sustainability aspect of the organization, as well as create stories that capture the imagination of donors and volunteers, and hopefully increase awareness about the organization and boost volunteers.

Here is one of the stories about a chair and the storyboard below. 

Storyboard for digital story about a donated chair
Storyboard for video telling the story of a donated chair

Milstein Students