Voices on the Underground Railroad

Project Overview

Problem Statement

How might we gain insight into if the stories on the Voices on the Underground Railroad website are being understood as works of historical informed fiction or "critical fabulation" and if they are, how are they being received?

Additionally the team would like to do some UX testing on the site to gain actionable ideas for the site's next iteration. 


Process diagram
Process mapping diagram

The Project

In this project the team will use user experience design methods to evaluate and review the current Voices on the Underground Railroad website with various audiences to assess if the approach of creating dramatized audios, using historically-informed fiction  and accompanying those assets with video and photos of the real known station sites depicted, is being understood and received well. 

Several students on the team working on this project were also involved in originally creating the website as Freshman during the Spring, 2020 Milstein Program First-year Project class at the height of COVID. They are very interested to test the site with a variety of audiences to see how the site might be improved, with the ultimate goal of getting is seen by a broader audience.

image of interview results document