Obioha Chijioke

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Intended major: Information Science

Highschool: Riverdale Country School 

I have been curious about the power of technology since before I could explain it. When I was younger growing up in Nigeria, whenever I came across new devices and gadgets for the first time, my eyes would light up. As I grew older and into community-engaged leadership, I knew that I wanted to apply my technical skills for social change. I am interested in product design and software development and hope to help lead Africa's upcoming technological development.

I am majoring in Information Science with minors in Business for Engineers and Africana Studies. I joined the Milstein program to collaborate with a talented group of students and be exposed to hands-on experience and interactive learning tailored to my interests. I am excited to explore the intersection of technology and humanities, especially as it relates to my communities. In my free time, I enjoy music, youtube, good conversation, and basketball.