Marwa Bakri

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Major: Information Science

From an internship experience in a lab that worked on democratizing health screening tools for women in low-to-middle income countries, I grew a fascination with promoting equitable and accessible technology on a worldly scale through STEM. I also learned some technical skills including coding and building a program in Python, which I hope to continue to use as an information science major. Moreover, other advocacy work has allowed me to look at resource accessibility through the lens of systemic injustice and I hope to also study its connection to technology and a digitized world. 

The Milstein Program excites me the most because of the way I can explore my overlapping interests in equitable tech and culture through its emphasis placed on learning outside of the classroom. I’m very grateful for this unique opportunity and I look forward to problem-solving collaboratively with the cohorts of other curious and multifaceted students.