Julia Beitel

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major: Information Science

I have lived in Seattle all of my life except for three months where I studied abroad in Eleuthera, Bahamas. There, I participated in Aquaponics research which helped to foster my passion for applied sciences and sustainability. I want to continue solving global problems sustainably by considering the humanity beyond typical research. By considering the human condition and how it relates to the challenges of our evolving world, the solutions we can uncover are far more comprehensive. 

In the next decade, leaps in data and information science will continue to transform the way we approach scientific research. What excites me most about the Milstein Program is the breadth of its community-engaged student projects. I am excited to add more humanity to data in the Milstein Program by applying it to help solve pressing global problems. 

I love playing soccer and basketball and when I’m not exploring nature on a hike with my friends or up-cycling vintage clothes, I’m spending time at the beach or with my dog.