Rhema Onyia

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Major: Economics

Minor: French

Activities and Societies: Scholars in Our Society and Africa (SOSA)

I was only 7 years old when my family and I relocated from Los Angeles, California to Lagos, Nigeria. At such a young age, I realized the stark differences between the two countries in terms of wealth, equity and their social environments. One of my earliest memories was seeing a 5 year old child financially contribute to their family through street-trading. The incomes of the 7 other family members were just not enough to grow their family business. Even though I was only 2 years older than he was, it became one of my burning desires to explore means to increase access to financing for microbusinesses in Africa.

Joining the Milstein program will afford me the opportunity to explore the use of technology to solve issues of social inequity in Africa, especially within the areas of finance and the environment. In my spare time, when I'm not volunteering, I like to sing, dance and perform in plays and musicals. I also love hanging out with friends and trying out new things.