Object Detection for the Visually Impaired (ODVI)

Project Overview

The Problem Statement

How might we create an interactive interface that identifies objects in real time, to help someone who is visually impaired  identify objects in their space that may be harmful or pose a hazard to them? 

Image of hardware and laptop

The Project

In this project, the team is experimenting with different ways to create an an interactive devise that can assist people with visual impairments to detect and identify objects in their environment, items they may come in contact with that could be harmful or pose a hazard to them if touched, such as a hot stove or a knife in a kitchen they hadn't been in before. 

The team experimented with a hardware solution using inexpensive parts such as an Arduino, adapter, circuit board, a camera and a small battery to translate text identification into audio and phone vibration/haptics. 

They are also experimenting with using a cell phone for object detection and will test both possible solutions to generate actionable data. 

slide explaining project process
Using phone to identify objects