Zixin (Coco) Xu

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Majors: Psychology and Computer Science

I am from Shanghai, China, where I attended Shanghai Foreign Language School. Growing up, I am curious and adventurous, interested in exploring new things and eager to step out of my comfort zone. My curiosity has led me to psychology and computer science; I am amazed by their synergy and I am particularly excited by the possibilities that the combination of these two disciplines can bring. I hope to be able to build upon my interest and explore new inspirations in Psychology and Computer Science in the Milstein Program. I believe the Milstein Program will be an enriching experience where I would be able to realize my passion and ideas. I look forward to learning from experts, engaging with my peers, and actively delving into research. I enjoy jogging, rowing, badminton, traveling, listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with friends in my free time.