Andres Wu

Hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica

Major: Information Science

Minor: Computer Science

Being at the crossroads of multiple cultures has let me experience the world through many different perspectives. Whether it was connecting with my grandparents through Taiwanese, or starting conversations with Costa Rica’s favorite word, “mae”, the importance of language has been ingrained in me since young. This, in addition to my growing interest in Computer and Information Science, led me to apply to the Milstein Program. I believe that understanding technology through multiple viewpoints is the key to the future. My ambition is to be able to preserve essential pieces of human heritage, such as Indigenous languages, through the intersection of different fields within technology and the humanities. Through the Milstein Program’s dedicated and personalized attention to students, I will be able to obtain the tools and skills necessary to develop my knowledge, achieve my goals, and elevate my liberal arts education. Outside of the classroom, you can find me playing tennis, folding origami, and struggling to climb Libe Slope.