Media for Civic Ensemble Theater Project

Project Overview

Problem Statement

How might we tell the story of Civic Ensemble's community-based plays program and the process of how one of these plays is made, to both promote the play, and promote one of the cornerstones of Civic Ensemble's programming? 

Students at Southside Community Center waiting for auditions to start for casting the play
Civic Ensemble Team setting up chairs for auditions at Southside Community Center

The Project

This project will focus on digital storytelling around how a community-based play comes together and the development process, including gathering in story circles, visiting with community members, and collaborating with Civic Ensemble.

"Fertile Grounds", this year's play, written by Katie Ka Vang and based on contributions from Civic's community story circles, explores the question, "What does it mean to be well?" and investigates the complexity of real human stories.

The exact format this storytelling will take will be decided collaboratively as a group in communication with the Civic Ensemble and ultimately the cast of the play.

The culmination of this project will be a media project produced by the team to go on Civic Ensemble's website, as well as to promotion the play on social media.

Storyboard for video
Storyboard illustrating video sequence

Milstein Students