Ameya Kamani

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Majors: Government

Activities and Societies: 

Hi! My name is Ameya, and I am from Aurora in Colorado! At Cornell, I plan on majoring in Government, with minors in Computer Science & Law and Society. I am honored to be a part of the Milstein Program! I appreciate the program’s veneration of intersectionality between science/technology and the humanities. I seek intersections between social justice and programs that can illuminate these issues. As an intern for a social justice non-profit, I focus my attention on dismantling systemic issues arising from the overall Prison Industrial Complex. I hope to continue researching policy-making methods to create more equitable experiences for minoritized groups! In the future, I hope to become an attorney with concentrations in Immigration Law or Criminal Justice Law. Beyond my activism, I love trying new food from BIPOC-owned restaurants and listening to music.