Problem Statement

How might we make it easier for college students to get involved on campus by finding clubs and opportunities that fit their interests in a social way?  

2022 Milstein Expo Poster for Pavvilion
2022 Milstein Expo Poster by Noah Watson, Max Hadden, Ishika Agrawal, and Elizabeth Ominsky


Pavvilion is a hub for both students and clubs, designed for sharing and disseminating campus information –social events, club recruitment, and networking opportunities. 

Pavvilion consolidates information that is scattered across platforms.  As a student, find events, share your interests, and meet other students.  As a club, promote your club, advertise events, and manage your membership.  

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Customer Problem

Information is Scattered

There is no centralized location for students to access college-defining opportunities and information.  It is scattered between social media and in-person locations.  


Information is Inconsistent

Frequently changing social media account ownership and inconsistent word of mouth marketing can lead to outdated and incorrect information about clubs, undermining student engagement.  


Information is Unstructured

Hosting events requires a lot of planning to advertise.  Attendees have to keep track of lots of event dates, times, location, and general event requirements, which often get misplaced or left unread. 


Engaging Cornell

Online Advertisements

  • Spreading the word and getting the community familiarized with our product

Active and Passive Advertising

  • Targeted outreach to diverse campus organization leaders
  • Engaging first-year, transfer, and non-traditional students
  • Tabling on Ho Plaza, chalking around campus, sharing quarter cards, tie-dye merchandise
  • Collaboration with On-Campus Event Coordinators
  • The Department of Student and Campus Life