Ishika Agrawal

Hometown: Warren, NJ

Major: Information Science

Minor: Business

Activities and Societies:  Women in Computing at Cornell E-BoardHack4ImpactCornell Tech Policy Lab, and Salsa Palante

I have lived in India, the U.S., and Singapore, and traveled across the globe. In high school, I integrated my global exposure with an interdisciplinary approach, exploring a variety of areas such as robotics, psychology, environmental science, and economics. 

I am passionate about music. In high school, I led the Tri-M Music Honor Society, performed several times at Carnegie Hall, and played weekly in the local community as a volunteer. I have also voiced my beliefs on a variety of topics from education to modern-day slavery through writing for the UNICEF Voices of Youth and speaking at a TEDx event. 

I am thrilled to have been accepted into the Milstein Program for Technology and the Humanities. I am excited by the opportunity it provides to explore the integration of technology with society while also discovering the intersection between government policy, environmental science, computer science, and data science. I hope to employ the learning from the Milstein Program and my travels to serve the global community in the future by finding solutions for sustainable living.