VR Rockstar

Project Overview

Problem Statement

How might we create an immersive experience to help people understand the experience of live music performance, specifically the emotions associated with performing live music at a high level?

Process mapping slide
Process for XR Rockstar Project

The Project

This team will explore what factors contribute to the performance experience and whether they can be recreated or mimicked in virtual reality by a virtual audience in a virtual performance venue. Using a VR headset the team will create an experience of performing on a stage in front of a packed venue. They are asking the question: can this experience be effectively recreated virtually? The team would like to also explore the possibility of developing the product to make an experience that is both a practice tool for accomplished musicians and a novel experience for novice musicians.

Initially motivated by the idea of using virtual reality to provide an opportunity for non-musicians to experience musical performance in front of a large audience the team wants to create an experience that gives the user autonomy and the ability to explore musically, however, through the course of semester the project has shifted focus to specifically testing if the sensation of performing can really be achieved through virtual reality, and specifically what aspects of music performance contribute to the emotional highs many musicians associate with live performance. 

screen shot of low fidelity prototype of VR experience