Mary Kolbas

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

High School: Enloe High School

Major: Information Science

I have always been a multifaceted person, not only intrigued by the study of music and languages but also fascinated by the applications of math and computer science. Throughout my life, an interdisciplinary approach has served as my way to navigate challenges and dive into niche topics. I am driven by projects that serve a purpose, which often requires using technology to analyze the humanities-based topics that affect the community. 
Whether it be about how new technologies affect children's development or how linguistic evolution affects bias and discrimination, I believe technology is an important tool that allows us to start designing tangible solutions. I am also interested in the socio-economic effects of emerging technologies and how they influence individuals’ interactions with one another, both online and in person. 
I intend to major in Information Science and minor in Operations Research and am incredibly excited to be part of the Milstein program. At Cornell, I am also involved in the Recreational Fencing Club and in my free time enjoy playing cello, cooking, and journaling.