Ithaca Murals Mapping

Project Overview

Problem Statement

How might we continue the work of last year's Ithaca Murals combined first-year and junior project team who created an interactive map of 50 of the murals  with linked media, to  include more interaction and fun activities on the map interface to encourage young people in the community to utilize the map? 

Caleb Thomas, Cullen Weber, Seth Stephenson, Paula Marie Brown, Sidhya Peddinti
Ithaca Murals Team at Southside Community Center

The Project

This project entails continuing the work of last years Ithaca Murals team to make the map more interactive. The team decided to migrate the existing material in the original map to a new platform so that they could more easily integrate more interaction. They also wanted to enhance the graphics on the map which wasn't possible in the Google MyMaps application, the original tool used. The team is in the process of migrating that information, creating a new  look and graphics, and selecting which murals to feature in curated mural walks to encourage users of the app to tag murals they come upon to add them to the map. 

Murals team on a tour around downtown Ithaca
Murals team on a tour around downtown Ithaca