Project Overview

Problem Statement

How might we improve on the current situation of email communication between constituents and legislators, by automating part of the email response generation process using AI?

Brainstorm activity with post it notes

The Project

This project will devise a way to use OpenAI's ChatGPT to automatically generate more personalized email responses constituents  receive which is not currently possible in bulk. Dispatch will analyze the vast amount of emails received by legislators from their constituents and the public with Natural Language Processing techniques, to present legislators with an overview of their inbox which summarizes the issues their constituents are writing about, political affiliations, and other information as possible. 

The goal is to have developed a finalized version of the analytics dashboard and have email generation up and running, and testing with legislators to get their feedback by the end of the spring semester.


Milstein Students

slide showing dashboard and code for the application
Plan for dashboard view of app