Nikhil Bhatt

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Major: Information Science

I'm a freshman from Bangalore, India, planning to major in Information Science and minor in CS. 

I’m deeply passionate about data science and its numerous innovations for improving the human condition. I’m also concerned about issues related to data ethics and trust – interests that were triggered by my research in security and privacy. I’m excited about leveraging the Milstein Program’s resources and opportunities to explore these areas further, and designing breakthrough solutions to address humanity’s most pressing challenges. 

I can’t wait to explore the intersection of the liberal arts and technology. By appreciating the diverse world views of my fellow Milstein students and faculty, I hope to enrich my own. 

My hobbies include theatre, poetry and elocution. I’ve been a stage musician for several years: I play the drums, although of late, I’ve developed a deep passion for the guitar!