Aryan (Val) Valluri

Hometown: Bangalore, India

High School: Mallya Aditi International School

Majors: Computer Science and Government

Growing up, I found myself possessing a dual academic persona. Whether it was my science-heavy subjects or my Model UN extracurriculars, I had much reason to relish in experimentation and research, but a part of me just could not help but be drawn to discussions that were subject to ethics and interpretation. 

Now, fascinated by the study of global politics, technology and their areas of intersection, I wish to better understand and aid problems in fields from energy to security that I have grown up witnessing in the theater of the Indian sub-continent.

Currently, I am pursuing this dream at Cornell University as a Milstein Scholar in Technology and Humanity and being a proud member of the affiliated Tech Policy Lab. I am thankful to the Milstein Program for providing me with a platform to leverage my interdisciplinary interests, and I am excited to work with and grow alongside my cohort and faculty.

You'll find me collecting vinyls, doing my best LeBron James impression on the basketball court or rocking out on my guitar.