3D/VR work for Pompeii 3D Garden

Project Overview

Problem Statement

How might we continue to build on the work done by a team collaboration of archaeologists, graduate students and a Milstein Junior project, to continue to create 3D and VR models of an ancient Roman garden at Pompeii using the LiDAR scans of  an ancient house and garden?

3D image of recreated Pompeii garden
Rendering of Pompeii Garden

The Project

This project focuses on creating 3D assets in Rhino using LiDAR scans of the ancient Pompeii garden to be used within a 3D model created by the Casa della Regina Carolina (CRC) Project in Unity. The goal is to be able to experience a navigable virtual reconstruction of the ancient house and garden to help ascertain the types of activities, experiences, and social performances that this site may have offered to people. 

Working collaboratively with the larger Cornell team, Milstein students will create accurate models of the ancient vegetation to create prototype Roman plants in Rhino to be added to the VR experience. 

images of 2d plan modeling process