Joice Chen

Hometown: Beijing, China

Major: Undeclared

Minor: Fine Arts

My interest in the humanities span subjects ranging from history and art history to sociology, psychology, and philosophy, and my passion in multimedia-art creation -- painting, 2D design, 3D modeling, photography and audio editing – leads me to use art as a way to reflect on questions and paradoxes in the humanities. As an artist and a dancer, I am also interested in the diverse ways of human expression and how different mediums affect human behavior. Technology is and will likely continue to play a key role in human communication, and I believe to better understand our present and future relationship with technology, both our questions and answers lie in the interdisciplinary.


In addition to dancing, I enjoy a variety of sports, including soccer, figure skating, and skiing. I am also a novice baker, obsessed with making lemon tarts, and I enjoy watching musicals and spending time with friends and family.