Tianran Song

Hometown: Highland Park, NJ

Majors: Computer Science, Biology & Society

Activities and Societies: 

At Cornell, I intend to combine an education in Biology & Society and Computer Science to explore the intersections of these two fields and use the applications of computer science to solve biological and medical/health-related problems such as the issue of health literacy. Through the Milstein Program, I hope to meet peers with different backgrounds and fields of expertise, but united in our passion for socially-conscious innovation.

In my free time, I enjoy time-traveling to Imperial China, roaming the streets of Kaifeng as an impoverished Confucian scholar, or singing heart-wrenching tales in the tea-house as a Jiang-hu storyteller. While I’m not spellbound by historical fiction novels, I like to dabble in painting, listen to Taylor Swift and Halsey, play Beethoven and Liszt pieces, and admire Yuzuru Hanyu’s impeccable figure skating programs.