Katherine Vella

Hometown: New York City

Major: Information Science

Minor: Psychology

I have always been motivated to find creative solutions to problems. In high school, I was president of our chapter of Girls Who Code and I served as Managing & Graphics Editor for our school newspaper. These experiences piqued my interest in harnessing Graphic Design and technology in order to find practical solutions to everyday challenges. I see vast potential in the integration of technology and humanities to better someone’s life—and I want in on the action. Fundamentally, I believe every person should have an equal opportunity to grow and succeed in our society, and thoughtful innovations can bring us closer to that goal. I currently plan to major in Information Science and minor in Psychology, and participating in the Milstein Program engages both of my interests. The program’s focus on hands-on experience in socially-conscious innovation is endlessly exciting to me. When I graduate college (and while I am here at Cornell), I want to have the skills to make a difference in the lives of others. I want to take risks and learn from my failures as I grow to be a leader in my field. I am honored to be a part of the Milstein Program and am grateful for this life-changing opportunity.