Short Courses

Milstein Program 21-22 Short Courses

Audio Workshop with Mary Lorson

Mary Lorson instructing Aryan Valluri on how to use Pro Tools
Ming DeMers

This two-part workshop examined the audio production process from conception to completion for all recording projects from recording your own voice or instrument, to recording a song or podcast.  This short course helped students assess their project’s scope, plan a workflow, and prepare for some of the challenges that might arise. 

Mary Lorson is a writer, composer, producer, and educator living in Ithaca.


Documentary-style Video Production Workshop at Photosynthesis Productions

Student being interviewed on video


In this two-part workshop, students learn how to produce-- with professional lights, digital camera, and sound -- an "in-studio" style short interview and edit their interview into a polished finished piece. Covering topic-selection, interviewing techniques, camera-operation, and sound recording. 

Deborah Hoard is a producer, writer, researcher, and President of Photosynthesis Productions, a film and video production company located in Ithaca.


Improv Workshop with Fred Brown

This dynamic and highly interactive workshop uses games, exercises, and activities, to introduce foundational concepts from improvisational theater, including "yes, and," "make your partner look brilliant" and "be in this moment." Participants practice essential skills of listening, co-creation, spontaneity, and collaboration, with time given to debriefing the application of these skills and concepts to everyday life.

Fred Brown is a team trainer and facilitator who has taught improv and team-building workshops in conjunction with the Pig Iron Theater Company and Philly Improv Theater for organizations like Wharton School of Business and Cornell's Johnson School of Business.


Public Speaking with Eliza VanCort


Eliza VanCort showing students how to stand to command attention

Eliza VanCort, Speaker, writer and consultant on communications, career and workplace issues, and women’s empowerment with a background in political science and the arts

In this public speaking and enhanced communication workshop students learned how to  overcome behavioral pitfalls, and boost their confidence presenting in any professional setting. 

User Experience with Ellen Hartman

Ellen Hartman, user experience specialist and writer. Currently director of communications for the Cornell Research Division

In this hands-on short course, students explored the basics of evaluating and improving user experience design, a key foundation for just about every aspect of modern life involving the internet or an app.

Photography with Prof. Andrew Moisey

Milstein Faculty Fellow & Asst. Prof. Andrew Moisey (Art History)

This dynamic, hands-on "studio" course, taught by photographer and Milstein Faculty Fellow Andrew Moisey, explored the aesthetics, practice, and critique of photographic images. In the first session, students learned the fundamentals with creative exercises. In the second, students conducted a "crit" of their work, modeled on Masters in Fine Arts programs.