Finley Williams

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Intended Major: American Studies

Though my interests in the humanities - specifically literature, writing, and philosophy - has generally outpaced my interest in technology, I have read too much Bradbury, Vonnegut, and Asimov to ignore the ways in which technology can come to bear on seemingly unrelated spheres of our life. In the Milstein Program, I hope to explore the ways in which oppressive governments can use technology to further oppress their citizens, what increased automation means for the labor movements of the future, and countless other questions at the intersection of STEM and the humanities.

Borne by this love of interdisciplinary approaches, I plan to major in American Studies to better grasp the interplay of history, culture, economics, current events, and identity in our society.

If I'm not tutoring at the writing center, you can find me reading books and the news, taking long walks, cooking fried eggs, and occasionally writing Dylan-inspired folk songs on my guitar.