Arshia Agrawal

Hometown: Warren, NJ

Major: Computer Science

Logic and creativity. Computer science and social justice. Technologist and writer.

In my life, the “ands” coexist. As an aspiring software engineer with a passion for social good, I aim to create technology that truly benefits society. To build an app, I cannot merely code a program and release it. Technology’s impact on society extends beyond the screen, and I see it as my social duty as a designer to consider my products from a variety of perspectives: unintended social and ethical consequences as well as potential effects on human behavior, social networks, and public mental health. Given the extent of technology's influence, design demands a multidisciplinary lens.

My curiosities have always pulled me in different directions. I’m grateful to the Milstein program for allowing me to explore the unique intersections between my interests, diving deep into how technology can be leveraged for social good, improve accessibility, and address pressing social issues.

In my free time, I love singing and writing songs on my ukulele. You can always find me puzzling over a jigsaw at Mann or brainstorming new ideas for my latest poem!