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Chukwudumebi (Joshua) Obi

Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity Class of 2023

Dumebi Obi

Educational Background

Ward Melville High School

Project team: Underground Railroad


Hometown: South Setauket, NY

Majors: Computer Science and Sociology 

Activities: URMC (Underrepresented Minorities in Computing)Cornell WushuHolland International Living Center (HILC) Brand Council 

Hello, my name is Chukwudumebi Joshua Obi. I am from Lagos, Nigeria. I also grew up Sweden and the United States. In every place I lived, I had the opportunity to share my experiences with my peers, learn about their cultures and experiences as well. 

I hope to share the perspectives and insights gained from the various places I have lived with my peers at Cornell. This has helped me to build relationships with people from all parts of the world. Additionally, the Milstein Program provides opportunities for me and others to facilitate tolerance, creativity, and teamwork on campus as well as the Ithaca community. 

I plan to major in Sociology and Computer Science. I hope to use my majors to better understand how the asymmetric dissemination of information among different groups of people affects an individual's access to jobs, education and housing through online platforms and social networks.

My motto is: Learning about the world, one day at a time.


  • Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity


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