Dylan Van Bramer

Hometown: Valhalla, NY

Intended Majors: Physics and Earth + Atmospheric Sciences

Planning to double major in Physics and Earth + Atmospheric Sciences, I want to equip myself with the technical toolkit to solve today’s biggest problems. As a member of the Milstein Program, and as a student active in my community, I hope to continue to seek out the problems affecting people across the globe, whether it be continued effects of the climate crisis or breaches of social justice (which, I’ve found, are more related than may first appear).  I am excited to examine the intersection between science and politics: analyzing the interdependence of governments that fund scientific endeavors, and research that, in turn, dictates social policy. 

When I’m not learning about physics or writing articles to continue my passion for journalism and communication, I love trying new plant-based ice cream flavors with my friends, going on hikes, upcycling clothing for a social entrepreneurship project I started, and playing volleyball. I’m currently trying my hand at 35 mm photography and learning how to play the guitar. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to explore the world around me, and to both develop and communicate solutions addressing community needs as a member of the Milstein Program.