Elena Ault

Hometown: Fairfield, CT

Major: Economics 

Minors: Business and Spanish

Activities and Societies: Cornell Society for Women in BusinessCornell Angel PartnersMeinig Family Cornell National Scholars

I am a sophomore intending to major in Economics and minor in Business and Spanish. My interest lies in technology ethics and how innovation will shape the economy, politics, and modern culture. 
I was drawn to the Milstein Program because I believe that an interdisciplinary background is key to solving the biggest challenges facing the world. I am excited about how the Milstein Program enables me to combine my diverse interests in economics, government, data science, and design thinking. I am particularly interested in the analysis of data ethics to help organizations identify risks early in the development of new products and services.  I believe that it is necessary for society to meaningfully address challenges that arise from new technologies, but also seek to harness the positive capabilities of technology to strengthen government and business organizations.