Ellen Foreman

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Majors: Computer Science, Music

Activities and Societies: As an incoming freshman at Cornell University, I plan on studying both Computer Science and Music, but I also hope to pursue my other interests related to biology, environmental science, and sustainability. Throughout high school, I was involved in many music-related organizations and activities as a pianist, including From the Top and Musicale, and I became fascinated by how technology allow artists and musicians to express themselves with even more freedom. Through the Milstein Program, I aspire to take my imagination to the next level by developing projects with my peers that emphasize storytelling and innovation. In my free time, I enjoy solving 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles, watching chess tournaments, playing videogames, and reading and writing fantasy novels. Outside of my studies at Cornell, I am hoping to join a classical music ensemble, try out all of the flavors at the Dairy Bar, and enjoy spending time in nature!