First-Year Projects

First-year Project is offered each spring. Students work on small team projects they choose or propose. The goal of this course is for students to collaborate as a cohort, learn to scope a project effectively, and stretch their skill sets.

Voices of the Underground Railroad Landing Page Screenshot

The “Voices on the Underground Railroad” is a collection of short narratives that Cornell University students have written and mapped on to documented and rumored underground railroad stations and safe houses in Central and Western New York.


Underground Railroad Website Written and Mapped Page


Current First-Year Projects

Civic Ensemble Catherine, Finley, Abby, Neeya , Joy Alemu
Ithaca Murals

Dodoo Emmanuel Nii Amu, Akhil Fernando-Bell, Krystal Ohubunwa, Zayana Khan, Merry Zebro

Ithaca Hiking/Biking app Sylvan Martin, Dylan Van Bramer
Milstein Internship Site  Nathan Zhang, Iman Kiio, Harriet Kumah, Benjamin Upshaw
AI & Music  Vipin Gunda, Aadarsh Balireddy, Ming DeMers